Sending bearer Token in header to the upstream API


We have a upstream API which needs bearer token in Authorization header and it validates it with our auth server.Now when the API request is proxied by Ttk does tyk pass this header to the upstream API?


Yes Tyk won’t mess with the headers unless you ask it to.


Hi Martin,
So now when I add Authorization header twice once for Tyk API key and once again for Bearer token it gives error saying key not authorized and it merges those two keys into same auth header separated by a comma


Sorry I misunderstood, you have two auth headers, the way to fix that is to rename the one Tyk uses to something else so there’s no conflict.


Our upstream API uses the header(Authorization) for the bearer token and tyk also uses header(Authorization) for API Key.So I need to pass both these token while call the endpoint.Can we change the header used for tyk API key?How?


Sorry.I got how to change it.