Sending Authorization Header in Swagger UI


i installed tyk community edition platform on ubuntu 14.04 lts and all components running smoothly. After installation i create an api, an api token and a policy and also set up the developer portal and add the api in api catalogue.

The gateway runs well and following command is working:
curl -H “Authorization: {my-api-key}” http://{hostname:port}/httpbin/ip

I added a swagger-specification of the httpbin api as documentation in the corresponding api catalogue entry. The developer portal show the swagger-ui of my api. But when i try to use the “Try it out”-Button especially of the /ip path it respond with “no content” “0” “error: no response from server”. In the dashboard session i can see the request was send when i press the “Try it out” Button.

I hope someone can help me with some advice. Thanks.

Hi Pabu,

Could you please try adding a different Swagger definition to your catalogue entry so that we can rule out any potential problems with the definition you’re using at the moment? The definition at the link below is known to work for other users, so if you can confirm as to whether or not this works, we can investigate further if needed.


Jess @ Tyk