Securing the docker instance of Tyk

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I’ve been using the docker instance of Tyk for some kind of evaluation.
Please can you let me know what changes I should be making to ‘ty-pro-docker-demo-master’ code in order to make it HTTPS? Can Tyk provide the certificates for this usage?

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Hey @karthikbirur,

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Are you looking to go to production?

If so, we have a couple of guides that help you do this:

  1. Install Tyk on AWS EC2
  2. Tyk Pro Setup with SSL - YouTube

Both of these are essentially the same thing - one is the written version while the other is a video documented version. Both of these should help you achieve the same thing.

These guides also show you how to generate self-signed certs as well.

Now of course with that being said this repo is great for proof of concept and demo purposes, but if you want test performance, you need to move each component to separate machines. I’d also recommend reading our docs on Planning for Production alongside other planning for production docs to fully take of advantage of all that Tyk offers.

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Hi @Valmir

I wanted to test this locally before moving to Production. I will go through the documentations shared by you.
Thank you for your help.

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