RPM Keys Changed

The keys that we use to sign our RPM packages have changed. This means that those of you who ask rpm to verify these keys will have to update the key.

The documentation is at https://tyk.io/docs/getting-started/installation/with-tyk-on-premises/redhat-rhel-centos/gateway/#step-2-create-tyk-gateway-repository-configuration and for your reference the new key is http://keyserver.tyk.io/tyk.io.rpm.signing.key.2020

The old key (http://keyserver.tyk.io/tyk.io.rpm.signing.key) will remain accessible for now but this is not guaranteed.

As part of this, we have started to origin-sign our Debian packages. Please see https://tyk.io/docs/getting-started/installation/with-tyk-on-premises/on-ubuntu/gateway/ for more. (edited)