Root '/' slug... not possible?

I have the need to specify an API with a custom domain, who’s slug is the root. (API def for proxying access to elasticsearch on the backend). I have custom middleware for this API that does request.URI analysis to do custom authorization.

This seemed to work on the on-prem quick start stack but not hybrid?

Tried both

"slug": "",
"slug": "/",

When I import this in the dashboard I get

API object validation failed.

api_definition.slug: Does not match pattern '[a-zA-Z0-9]'

Hi, yes this won’t work - the slug cannot be empty or root, Tyk expects a value here, also Tyk Cloud dashboard doesn’t expose the custom domain feature to the UI, though you can set it on the hybrid config and use the REST API to add the flag, the slug will always be rejected because it does not match a valid slug pattern.