Restrict access to developer portal docs by catalogue

On the dev portal, we can restrict access so our docs are not public, and restrict access to API keys using policies (including some very fine grained control so only certain paths can be used within an API) - both of which are great
But we’d like to restrict access to the docs too bot by catalogue, and by API version
Our 2 use cases are:
1: Partner developer, who we’d like to give access to /partners/orders but not to be able to even see that we also have /admin/accounts etc
2: internal developers, or beta partners, should be able to see that we have /partners/orders/v2 while others can only see v1

Is there something I am missing? or a way to get round this (even having CMS pages which had access control would do - with links to the catalogue pages - even though technically if someone guessed the guid they could still see the docs. Its less the absolutely must never see this part, more just the confusion and needlessly publishing areas that just are not relevant for partners / external folks


It’s not possible out of the box, but a good idea :slight_smile:

Hi @Martin,

Any chances of this making it into 2.3 or 2.4 release?

Not v2.3, that’s ready to go, but 2.4 maybe

Any news? Is it already available?

I think this fits into what we’re planning for 2.7, so a few months yet.