Request / Response detail empty in logs

I’m not sure if we’ve got something set wrong, but I’m getting empty boxes with successfully logged requests. We’re using the hybrid service. Any thoughts here?

Hi, the detailed response logging is not available on Tyk Cloud.

It’s also not available with the hybrid service?

The Hybrid service still uses our Cloud platform, the documentation mentions this:

Ok - is there an alternative method to debug requests / responses on this platform (e.g. see the transaction flow through perhaps on an as needed basis?

For that use case it might be easier for you to run a local instance (Tyk On Premise) and debug the flow there, you may enable the detailed request/logging at that level and also use custom middleware to debug the debug or modify the data during the request flow.

OK, thanks. Not the answer I was hoping for (we went hybrid to avoid the need for maintaining additional standalone instances), however I understand.

Any plans to support this in the future? The docs you pointed me to say: "this must be specially enabled and is not available in Tyk Cloud or Hybrid yet "

It’s not likely to be supported, mainly because we would be literally storing all request and response traffic for an API in our infrastructure, which would break all sorts of Privacy rules.

If you want to debug throughput on Hybrid, you might want to use a plugin such as this one:

Where you can offload inbound request data onto a queue for inspection. It won’t record responses though.

It is also possible to enable a correlation ID, which you can inject into the header, if your APIs do any kind of logging, you could then use this ID to match your app logs to the requests stored and processed by the queue.

Ok - thank you for the alternative ideas.