Request Management via Tyk Gateway

I have a backend worker servers which get a request, process that request, and return a result.
The case is that the server only can handle around 100 requests in parallel, so I have 2 separate servers for now.
My guess is that I need a queue management system which will queue requests from users, check if any of server have resources to process the request (, and send it or put it into a queue.

Is it possible to do it with Tyk gateway?
I’m trying to avoid create another instance just to manage queue

Hello @megobari and welcome to the community

The short answer is no. Tyk does not have a built in queue system to help you managed this. You may find more luck looking at some open source messaging queue solution.

Long, complex and cumbersome answer is it probably possible with a combination of custom plugins (to trigger the condition), Redis (to store the queued up requests), multiple gateways and some form of automation.

@Martin Would you like to have a crack?

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Thanks @Olu for the info