Reloading Tyk dashboard via API

I am curious how long does the gateway/dashboard wait before picking up changes made by the API?

I’ve followed the on-prem/vagrant installation via the base image “hashicorp/precise64” however, I am seeing an odd behaviour where if I use the APIs to create an organization, add a user, and create a portal, the portal would not be accessible until I issue sudo service tyk-dashboard restart to restart the dashboard.

I’ve tried to use the “Dashboard URL Reload API” by making a GET request to /admin/system/reload however this is not forcing the dashboard/gateway to pick up the changes.


I wonder if you used a custom domain for the portal. It could be the reason why it required the restart.

Can you confirm this?

Thank you!

Hi Leon,

Yes I am using custom domains. This is due to the need of having multiple subdomains required for different organizations.

Glad to hear this is the expected behaviour, I am wondering if there are upcoming milestones to potentially change this to allow hot reloading via an API call?

We do not plan it yet, but it is a good suggestion.

I will ticket it up, but can’t tell any ETA yet.

Thank you!