Redis Cluster thrue HaProxy


I have tried to set up HAProxy in front of a redis cluster (master-slave-sentinel ) but tyk-dashboard his loosing connection and log an error ‘Redis disconnected or error received, attempting to reconnect: EOF’
Does the dashboard need to be always connected to Redis ? (permanent connection )
How to fix it ? I have fix an higher timeout but it just slow down the problem.
In case there is no other solution how long the dashboard keep the redis connection alive ?


The dashboard uses pub/sub so the connections are long-lived, you need to disable the timeout.

Thanks Martin for the reply.
Disabling the timeout looks a bit dangerous, the connections could overcharge the redis, so long time connections (hours or days ) it is ok but we need to control this and be able to kill too long connections
So does the dashboard have the connections always open or reconnect sometimes ?