Recommanded server setup


What is the recommanded server setup for hosting a tyk gateway? How many CPU, RAM …Etc

Is it possible to mutualize Redis and Tyk clusters on the same servers ? Is it recommanded ? (For example 3 tyk nodes & 3 redis nodes).

Thank you

We benchmark against 2GB / 2 Core Linux VMs, whatever the RAM, we recommend multi-core servers for best performance.

I wouldn’t recommend putting Redis and Tyk on the same server, Redis has high RAM overheads so the two will compete. Also, in cases of DR, you will want to be able to fail-over your redis hosts.

If you are using Redis Cluster, then having them on the same host could cause some weird scaling problems (you would need to add the new hosts to the redis cluster configuration somehow) if you are auto-scaling.

Let me know if that helps.

Ok. I also have a 3 node cluster. Perhaps I can mutualize Redis and Consul on the same servers? Because, as we say in french :“My boss have sea urchin in pockets” so we must pay attention to the money spent in servers/VMs ^^.

Haha, I see the issue - the Tyk servers should auto-scale with traffic, so I’d keep them away from your databases as the utilisation profile is different for DB and Feont-facing server