Rate Limit Per User/Per API

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Sender:Malnad Sagar.
Date:Monday, 18 January 2016 12:49:13 UTC.

I would like to have rate limit per user on per API Basis

Say User 1: 100 requests/minute for httpbin api
User 2 : 500 requests/minute for httpbin api

If I understand, Policy will create same rate limit for all users

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Sender:Martin Buhr.
Date:Monday, 18 January 2016 13:19:27 UTC.

Yes, you will need two policies, one for users in class 1 (100 p/min) and one for users in class 2 (500 p/min) you can then upgrade and downgrade keys for those policies.

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Hi @Martin,

I understand that I can have a policy for a user but how to I have rate limit for the API across all users?

For example I might have 10 req/sec rate limit per user but I do not want the gateway to do 1000 req/sec for a specific API no matter how many unique users make request. This will help to protect a backend or to protect the gateway itself.

This is currently not supported - you can rate limit on a user basis only. You could loop the service back on itself though, and have one API Definition point at another one (localhost), then inject a token into all inbound requests that sets an application-wide rate limit, then the second proxy will handle the application wide limit and the first the user-specific one. Not ideal but it will do what you require.

Any chance API rate limits being on the road map?

We’ve added this to the roadmap, though it will be a while before its reviewed and prioritised accordingly.

Thanks for the feedback!