Questions about configurations and tyk in general

Hey, we have setup gateway and pump currently and we want to go a step forward and setup a dashboard for them now.
with just plain default env variables configurations , now we want to start testing more seriously
but the documenation IMO is kind of confusing…

Anyway the question is in the title, but ill throw more question in here because we really are lost.

Does a tyk-pump product needs a config file?
what is up-time-pump thing?
if i have mongoDB and i want it to forward all of the data to the dashboard do i need to set it up both in the dashboard config file AND pump seperatly file?
where do i need to cinfigure the gateway API? both in the dashboard config file AND pump config file?
what does this configuration mean? →
“use_db_app_configs”: true

if it’s worth mentioning the gateway and pump (currently-only) both are on the same server, and the dashbaord will be placed in another. (also the mongoDB itself is in a seperate server)

Thanks in advance

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No, as long as you can setup the appropriate environment variables. The environment variables will override any config variables or default values set.

It is worth noting that there is a default config internally that both the gateway and pump use. You can find it in opt/tyk-{{component}}.conf

Config used for handling uptime tests data

Yes you do. Pump is in charge of forwarding the analytics data to a more persistent storage. The dashboard is in charge of viewing the analytics from that persistent storage

In simple words, pump handles the write operation while the dashboard handles the read operation (of the analytics data). You need to setup the persistent storage config individually for the systems to know where to write and read

Only in the dashboard. Pump has no connection to the gateway, only the analytics data which is temporarily stored in Redis before being purged

"tyk_api_config": {
		"Host": "http://<redacted>",
		"Port": "8080", // value of control_api_port in gw config. Use default gw port if undefined
		"Secret": "<redacted>"

Simply means the gateway should use a persistent database for application or api files. The difference in open source being you would configure the app_path directory

You can read more here Tyk Gateway Configuration Options

So basically whats need to happend in our setup if understood you right -

1.configure the pump to the DB (which is the persistent storage and REDIS which it reads from)
2.configure UI to the gateway
3.navigate the UI to to the mongoDB to read from the persistent storage


Thanks alot for your answers! appreciated alot

Also, what are the .env files in the confs dir?
Are they instead of the .conf files theslmes or with them? or what’s going on there?

Yes, you can take advantage of any of our supported databases

Which component are you referring to?

A .env file is a file that houses environment variables. It may contain static variables, OS secrets or application specific configuration etc. that affect the way running processes will behave