Question developer Portal Pointing to other AKS Cluster

Hello guy’s!

Hope all of you are having a great monday! i have a doubt and i have search on the internet but i couldn’t find any related to this, i’m going to proced to explain what i need to achive!
I have a TyK setup with his own developer portal pointing to a specfic AKS in azure, the thing is that we created a new AKS and we need to “move” this developer Portal to this new AKS.
The question follow as is this possible? or i just need to recreated the Developer portal?
Hope all of you have such a great day and week!

Hi @Nicolas_Matias_Pared, welcome to the community.

I am not familiar with moving/migrating the Dashboard. However, if you are only moving the developer portal then you could look into the Developer Portal APIs. This does mean that you are recreating it instead of moving it.

If you are moving the whole Dashboard, then maybe you could try Tyk Sync. I will also ask the internal team if there is a way to achieve your scenario. It might help if you give us an idea about what you are moving. For example, is it only the developer portal or are you also moving policies as well.