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Date:Monday, 23 November 2015 09:22:43 UTC.

Hi Martin,

Hope all is well.

We’re very close to launching tyk in a production environment. However, one issue has come up:

When a request is made to Tyk, who actually makes the request to the API? Is it Tyk or the client?

The reason I ask is because I ran a test in AWS where my Tyk and API servers are. I opened access on port 80/443 to the Tyk server and closed access to the API server for everyone but the Tyk server security group.

After I did this, the API server could not be accessed when requests were made to Tyk.

Is this the expected behavior? I don’t really want to expose my API server if I can avoid it.



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Date:Monday, 23 November 2015 09:49:27 UTC.

Hi Kent,

That shouldn’t happen - Tyk makes the requests on the clients behalf (it copied the request object, makes the request and copies the response back).

Can you “see” the API server from Tyk as in - curl port 80 of the API instance from the Tyk instance?


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Thanks for the quick reply.

I think the problem is with the IP I am using to access the API from the Tyk server. AWS doesn’t resolve the public IP to the private IP, so the API server thinks the request is coming from the public web, not the Tyk server.

I’ll test this theory and then post the answer.

Sorry to bother you!

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