Programmatic Access to Transformation, Data Source configuration

Is there a way to configure cloud without going to the UI? I am looking at setting up similar API gateway using a script.

Hi @non99, could you explain more? What kind of programmatic access to transformation and data source configuration?

Also, what similar API gateway have you setup in the past? Was it via the cloud and is your intention to clone it?

We have a tyk-demo github repro that shows shell scripts configurations with an OnPrem setup. If this is more of your intention.

Hi @Olu ,
I want to programmatically:

  • create API endpoints
  • register new data sources
  • map data sources to specific fields in my API

I can do all of these here on the UI:

Does anyone have any updates on this

Hi @non99 ,

The Dashboard API is available in the cloud as it is on other installs.
Please see Tyk Dashboard API for documentation


This is possible with our Dashboard APIs. Based on what you’ve mentioned, all three requirements fall under the API Definition Object.

Using data source is a GraphQL / UDG practice so, you might have to take a look at the relevant documentation regarding them.

As mentioned earlier, we have a github repro that uses shell scripts to create an API in an OnPrem setup if that is your preference.

Hope this helps.