Product Versions and new version announcements

Is there a page anywhere showing the current versions of the products (dashboard, gateway, pump etc), release dates and change history?

I am aware that a new version of the dashboard is due anytime so was looking to see whether it was available yet but I cannot find anything on any of the Tyk pages I have looked at.

I was hoping for a page that showed the components, the current version numbers, a link to the download/install links and/or instructions and some information about the has changed.

Also, is there some kind of notification available when new versions are released?

All of our components are available via our site and also via our package cloud repositories, you can see all packaged components there as well as versions.

With regards to releases, we do not do specific announcements for patch releases unless it’s very important, such as a security advisory. However for minor and major releases we will send an email to our mailing list, publish a blog post, notify this forum and scream about it on social media.

If you want to see how versions have progressed, most information is available in the changelog of our GH repo, we centralise most things in the main tyk github repo.

The next version is very close - last bit of spit ‘n’ polish before we roll.