Problem login into dashboard


I set up Tyk on private network at work with no internet access using dockers.
After doing the bootstrap I get tossed out to the sign in page, and every time I try to sign in I just get tossed back to sign in page without getting the main dashboard page.
At the Tyk dashboard docker I get the messages: ‘warning successful login’ followed by ‘info client added’ follow by ‘info client removed’.

Can’t figure out the reason I’m getting thrown out of the dashboard.

Hi @YakirYacov and welcome to the community.

Could you try enabling debug mode for the dashboard? Maybe some extra information may be retrieved from there.


Can you also verify your license is valid? You can simply do that by pasting the license into and examine the exp (Expiration time) field is still sometime in future.

If it’s a new setup with nothing in it then you could delete the tyk_analytics database in MongoDB to refresh the UI bootstrap process.

Hi Olu, thanks for the quick response.

I checked and my license is valid.
I’m using this as basic for configuration - GitHub - TykTechnologies/tyk-pro-docker-demo: Tyk Pro demo using docker and docker compose, supercedes tyk_quickstart with adjustment to run in my work’s network.
I added the ‘TYK_DB_LOGLEVEL=debug’ as extra line in tyk_analytics.env file as this parameter wasn’t already existing in there. Seems like there’s a few more messages when it startup, but no extra message when attempting to login (same 3 messages coming up).
As for the database, I’m using Postgres and its part of the docker-compose so its starting anew every time I attempt a new run. I did try using Mongo but had the same problem.
Some info I didn’t to mention, in the client added and client removed info lines there’s some params: orgID=62c…c99 and prefix=ui-notifications.

My bad. It should be TYK_LOGLEVEL=debug instead. Can you try again and check if you see any kind of useful info?

Considering you are using docker, you may have some old persistent volumes causing some kind of issue. Could you stop and remove the volumes and restart the whole process again?

docker-compose -f ./docker-compose.yml -f ./docker-compose.postgres.yml down

docker volume rm tyk-pro-docker-demo_db-data tyk-pro-docker-demo_redis-data

If this doesn’t work could you share the whole log and compose file with sensitive information removed. That way we can investigate where in the codebase the issue is occurring?

After adding the TYK_LOGLEVEL=debug line I got extra lines of Tyk reading data from database, but nothing on the disconnect issue.
After some more testing I found out it only happens in chrome, and on edge it successfully logs in, so I’ll work using edge. Maybe the chrome on our network has some limitations or just not updated.

Thanks for the assistance Olu :slight_smile:

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@YakirYacov Thanks for the feedback.

Maybe it’s a cache issue somewhere on chrome browser.