Problem about setup docker tyk 1.9 (python : command not found)

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Sender:Yuttana Krittasampan.
Date:Sunday, 17 January 2016 04:14:28 UTC.

Hi All ,

    I have some problems in setup docker for tyk 1.9 , the errors are in attached.
    It is about the show errors that it cannot found the python command but finally I got userid/ password/ url but cannot loggin. The error is invalid credential.
    I am not sure it is about the unsuccessfully created organization and others or not.

Yuttana K.

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Sender:Martin Buhr.
Date:Sunday, 17 January 2016 11:28:22 UTC.

Hi Yuttana,

The expects Python to be present on the system.

Many thanks,


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Hi Martin

        I try tyk 1.9 and run setup. I try to install python on docker  with command
       $ docker pull python
       $ docker run python python --version
       Python 3.5.1

      And I modified from python command to docker run python as following pic

    It still has errors as follows

    So i still cannot login to the tyk dashboard. Please kindly advise what I do wrong.

Yuttana K.

Hi Yuttana,

You need Python on the host OS (and curl) for that script to work.

Running it via docker means the one container needs to be able to see the other, which makes it a bit complicated.

Simpler solution:

You could do those commands manually, just by SSH ing into the container and running the script against locahlost.

check…python path