Portal Management documentation - Swagger file reports an error


I’ve overlooked to answer your question: I get this message when I click at the small red error link:

Moreover, this error does only occur when “Protect API Catalogue” is activated!


OK! So it seems that this is a known issue: https://github.com/TykTechnologies/tyk/issues/1390#issuecomment-361844958

When the API catalogue is protected, the Swagger validator will always show an error because json validation doesn’t work for protected API catalogues.

From your earlier post am I correct in thinking that you can still see the documentation fine?


When I turn “Protect API Catalogue” off, documentation is fine.

Until yesterday, I was convinced that protecting API catalogue would suit better for my business case. Now I have to think about it. Maybe I make it open in the future (but I’m not sure now).


But when the API is protected, can you still see and read the docs like in your screenshot above? Even though the validator at the bottom shows an error?


Yes, when the API is protected, I see the red button at the bottom.


You should still be able to use the docs fine like this if you ignore the red error warning. We’ll hopefully have a fix soon that will show the validation response for protected catalogues.