Popular endpoints not shown

I am running tyk 1.8.5. Two different API’s are managed by tyk.

When I open the ‘activity by API’ menu for one of the two api’s, a nice usage graph is shown. But however this graph is populated with many requests, on the same page under the header ‘most popular endpoints’, the text ‘no data to display’ is shown.

In the endpoint designer, all endpoints have ‘track endpoint’ enabled. But still they do not show up in te most popular endpoints display. Why can this be?
I read some thread where was stated that the analytic data can be a bit behind and they should show up after 24 hours, but this request spans a period of months, so that can not be the reason…

thanks, Ruud

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This morning, for one of the two api’s, the section ‘most popular endpoints’ was actually showing me endpoint data.
While I was trying to find out why this was shown for one api and not for the other api (I had to do some requests for the other api), the data suddenly disappeared and now it is saying ‘no data to display’ again.

Where do I have to look for an explanation of this behaviour? Is it something with the mongodb?
thanks, Ruud

here a screenshot that shows there IS data, but it is not shown. All endpoints are tracked…

Some more info here. I found out when the endpointdata is shown:
When I log out and log in, the dashboard shows me the most popular endpoint of all api’s. Which means that the endpoints are tracked indeed.

But as soon as I select the API itself (activity by API>apiname), I get the ‘no data to display’. This means I will never be able to see the popular endpoints of a specific api. Possibly this is caused by a misconfiguration, possibly not.
Has anyone an explanation for endpoint being shown in the login dashboad and not being shown in the api view?


This is what I see directly after logging in, without selecting an api: