Plugin bundle without remote server

Hi all!
Is it possbile to use plugin bundles without the necessity to have a server where to download them?

In a Docker setup, it would be great if I can mount them and they’re automatically loaded. The same as the JS middlewares.

If this is not possible, is it possible to have a JS middleware specified globally and not per API (so usable by multiple APIs at the same time)?


  • cdprete

The remote bundle server is not 100% necessary. You could just modify the API definition directly? See example with gRPC. instructions in readme.

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To extend @ahmet’s reply, what the gateway does when loading a plugin bundle is to take the contents of its manifest file and inject it into the API definition. To override this behavior, you could simply do this manually: open your manifest file, locate the custom_middleware, copy it to the API definition.


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My custom plugin is actually a Python plugin, so I’m not using RPCs.
@matiasb I can do this, but how to make the gateway load the plugin in the first place so that the created object is available?