Please, Help me a question?

Hi all, thanks for care. I read document for tyk in page Tyk API Gateway Documentation but i no see clearly features of each type tyk: cloud, hybrid, on-premises. Example, tyk A have 3 feature: X, Y, Z ; tyk B have 2 feature: Y,D. Please show me! Thanks very much.

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You can read about our different products from the homepage at in the products menu.

I see have 4 type tyk in menu product but in tutorial document just say for 3 type are: cloud, hybrid, on-premission?


You can see which features are only available on hybrid/on-prem here: API Management Platform & API Gateway | The features without those icons are available in every version.

Tyk is available in 3 deployment options: as pure cloud, fully on-prem and hybrid (where on-prem gateways connect to our SaaS platform)

For large enterprises, we also offer multi data centre capability, but the feature-set is the same as on-prem.

Hope that helps.


Thanks you very much! Great!