On Premise installation of tyk - hostname confusion

Hi all, i’m installing the on premise verion of tyk on AWS and i’m having some trouble trying to access my sample API behind the tyk gateway.

I have provided the EC2 IPv4 Public IP as the hostname and domain IP while setting up the tyk dashboard and the gateway. I have setup the http://httpbin.org as my first test API and the API URL is being shown as http://<EC2-PUBLIC-IP>/http-bin.

Whenever I try to browse this API, I always get a ‘This page cannot be displayed’ error probably because it’s trying to load the resource from my EC2 instance.

When I ssh into my instance and do a curl, i’m getting a connection refused. What am I missing?

Thank you. Any help is much appreciated!


Try the ec2ip:gateway_port/http-bin (usually 8080)

The displayed address is actually configurable from the config and you might have confused some values maybe. I can inspect your configs if you want.

Also worth checking services are up and listening with netstat or similar.

Hi Josh, thanks for replying.

trying with the gateway port worked, I had forgot to include an additional ‘/’ at the end…

appreciate your help