OAS vs Config file

Is OAS recommended over using the old config file? Is it equally reliable / production ready?
I understand that the caveat is that some features may not yet be implemented in the OAS spec but it looks like a short list.

I would much rather use OAS if possible.
I’m asking because I still plan to test out Tyk for our company and I want to know which config method to invest my time in.

Hi @Jonathan_Gurwitz,

Thanks for getting in touch. I’m in the Product Management team here at Tyk and am looking after the Tyk OAS feature.

At the moment, Tyk OAS is in “Early Access” because there are quite a few features not yet supported and we’ve been maintaining the option of making breaking changes as we’ve added feature support.

We first added Tyk OAS support back in Tyk 4.1 and haven’t had to make breaking changes for some time, so we’re increasingly confident in the design.

We’re moving rapidly towards maturity of Tyk OAS, at which point we will be confident to remove the Early Access label, even if we might not have reached parity with the original (Tyk Classic) configuration method. Our current plan is for this to come along early in 2024.

As you’re starting to look at Tyk now, I feel confident to recommend that you start with Tyk OAS. You cannot yet configure all of Tyk’s capabilities using this API definition style, but these will be added very soon.

I’d love to know a bit more about your use case and which of Tyk’s features you’re particularly interested in using. Are you looking at the Tyk Dashboard? We’ve got a much better API Designer for Tyk OAS than for Tyk Classic.

I hope this helps - and thank you for taking the time to investigate Tyk, we’d love to get your feedback on the experience.

Kind regards,

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