NTLM authentication when using SOAP on Windows servers


I am trying out Tyk for our use case and have to connect to a 3rd party SOAP API, I am getting the WSDL however this API requires Microsoft NTLM authentication (very popular on Windows servers) andI could not find any mention of NTLM in the Tyk docs.

Is there a way to to setup tyk to talk SOAP and authenticate using NTLM?

If not, is there a plugin for Tyk that implements this kind of auth?

I did see golang package support for NTLM:

option 1
option 2


Hi @moshe,

Just checked this with the team. Tyk can’t do this natively, however, you should be able achieve the same with a plugin. e.g. gRPC

With a gRPC plugin you don’t need to worry about learning/building a go plugin. You can write the plugin in a language of your choice.

You mean writing my own plugin, if I want to do it using golang that would be the authentication plugin type? more specifically “custom auth check”?