Not able to login to developer portal

Hi Team,
I used GitHub - TykTechnologies/tyk-pro-docker-demo: Tyk Pro demo using docker and docker compose, supercedes tyk_quickstart for installation.
Tyk Dashboard and gateway is running fine and dev portal is also accessible on localhost:3001 but when I try to login via user for dev portal it is going back to login page and not giving any error.

Portal logs:
{“level”:“error”,“time”:“2023-10-18T12:18:31.284Z”,“caller”:“application/application.go:232”,“message”:“sync failed: Failed to sync provider Tyk: TykPro.Sync. getting available products: fetching policies: Get "http://localhost:8000/api/portal/policies/?p=-2\”: dial tcp connect: connection refused",“stacktrace”:“*Application).StartSynchronization.func1\n\t/__w/portal/portal/config/application/application.go:232”}
{“level”:“error”,“time”:“2023-10-18T12:28:31.284Z”,“caller”:“application/application.go:184”,“message”:“failed to initialise provider: TykPro.Sync. getting available products: fetching policies: Get "http://localhost:8000/api/portal/policies/?p=-2\”: dial tcp connect: connection refused",“stacktrace”:“*Application).SynchronizeProducts\n\t/__w/portal/portal/config/application/application.go:184\*Application).StartSynchronization.func1\n\t/__w/portal/portal/config/application/application.go:231”}

Kindly help on the same.



Looks like a connection issue to your dashboard. Is your dashboard listening on port 8000?

If yes, then you may be running into the same issue outlined by Pete in the topic Not able to access api(with key and keyless) - #10 by KAPIL_GUPTA

You should instead use the your dashboard local connection {{name}}.{{namespace}}.svc.cluster.local:{{port}}

Hi Olu,

Dashboard is running on 3000 port. Tyk Gateway is running on port 8080 and developer portal is running on 3001 port.

Dashboard and tyk gateway is running fine. Issue is with developer portal and for that also GUI is showing also but when I try to login and it is not logging in.


Let me try to separate concerns.

The Sync issue is because of the provider details passed. If your dashboard is on port 3000, then you need to review why the portal is connecting via port 8000. You can use Providers API in our Postman collection to manage your providers via REST API. Or you can manage it when you log in as a super user or admin user via the UI

Failure to sync providers shouldn’t restrict you from logging in as any type of user. If you have already bootstrapped your portal and created a super user, then you can use the resulting api_token or JWT to make admin API calls.

However, you mentioned

Can you fetch a browser trace of the incident and send it as a private message?

The only other thing I can think of is for you to review the values.yaml from the enterprise portal helm chart. I have picked out a particular section from the file below.

# Enterprise Portal will only bootstrap if the tyk-enterprise-portal-conf secret
# is present. The secret is created during the dashboard bootstrapping and
# be turned on and off using the dash.enterprisePortalSecret bool.

You can also follow our docs to ensure you’ve deployed it correctly.