Not able to add keys for testing test-api

I experimenting with Tyk gateway and dashboard. I got typ pro FREE single node license.
I followed this guide and I can see all services are running.

Now in tyk dashboard, I don’t see any registered nodes (under active nodes section).
I don’t know, what could be wrong. I also don’t know, where to find log files. I checked /var/log directory, there is no tyk related file there.

Please advise.

On Ubuntu, the logs are in var/log/upstart/

I suspect your hostnames are misconfigured, Tyk needs to be able to resolve the dashboard and the dashboard needs to be able to resolve a gateway.

The log will tell you more.

Hi Martin,
I don’t see any upstart file or folder. I am on ubuntu 14.04 (instructions are for 14.04)

How odd… what init system are you using? Tyk makes itself available to quite a few different ones.