Noisy Debug Log

Hi Folks,

With the debug option I am getting this written to the log every second:

time="Apr 25 13:32:43" level=debug msg="Sending notification{NoticeGatewayDRLNotification {\"HostName\":\"8477937689af\",\"ID\":\"adec2351-a29e-4d63-5c4e-4183dbde57ac\",\"LoadPerSec\":1,\"Percentage\":0,\"TagHash\":\"test2\"} }"
time="Apr 25 13:32:43" level=debug msg="Received DRL data: {8477937689af adec2351-a29e-4d63-5c4e-4183dbde57ac 1 0 test2}"
time="Apr 25 13:32:43" level=debug msg="[Active Nodes]: 2 [Token Bucket Value]: 200 [Current Load p/s]: 1 [Current Load]: 0.000000"
time="Apr 25 13:32:44" level=debug msg="Getting exp for key: analytics-tyk-system-analytics"
time="Apr 25 13:32:45" level=debug msg="Getting exp for key: analytics-tyk-system-analytics"

Should I be concerned about this? It makes finding problem logs entries challenging…



Do you mean that the “Getting exp for key: analytics-tyk-system-analytics” entry is repeating every second?

The first 3 messages are expected to repeat regularly when set to debug.


All 5 of those lines repeat. I guess my issue is that with these writing to the log almost constantly, it becomes more difficult to pull out the important information I need to debug my original problem (in a separate thread).


These messages are part of the gateway cluster heartbeat, nothings to be changed concerned about.

If this is blocking you from effectively debugging your other issues then please feel free to open a ticket on our public repo and we can evaluate it for our backlog: Issues · TykTechnologies/tyk · GitHub