Node disappered in dashboard after port number changed

Because 8080 is used by Tomcat and 3000 is used by Aerospike, I need to change the gateway port from 8080 to 8008 and port 3000 to 3001. Here’s what I did

In “/opt/tyk-gateway/tyk.conf”

"listen_port": 8008

In “/opt/tyk-dashboard/tyk_analytics.conf”

"listen_port": 3001,
    "tyk_api_config": {
        "Host": "http://localhost",
        "Port": "8008",
        "Secret": "352d20ee67be67f6340b4c0605b044b7"

Stop both services “tyk-dashboard” and “tyk-gateway”, wait 1 minute and start again

After I login, the node could not be found even after I input the license again

You also need to update these in tyk.conf:

"db_app_conf_options": {
        "connection_string": "DASHBOARD URL",
        "node_is_segmented": false,
        "tags": []


"policies": {
    "policy_source": "service",
    "policy_connection_string": "DASHBOARD URL",
    "policy_record_name": "tyk_policies",
    "allow_explicit_policy_id": true