New Tyk release now available

Please be aware that Tyk Gateway v2.3.1, Tyk Dashboard v.1.3.1 and Tyk Pump 0.4.1 have been released and are now available for download from our package repositories. Updates to our Docker images (which includes those used by our hybrid customers) will be available from tomorrow onwards.

The latest version of Tyk contains the following updates:

  • An added patch for the redis cluster driver which fixes a bug that set REDIGOCLUSTER_SHARDCOUNT to a higher value and caused deadlocks in some docker distributions as a result (default 32).
  • The removal of various config notification and info messages (for debugging) so as to make the command line interface less verbose.
  • Some added instrumentation to the Gateway which will allow for more in-depth debugging (provided that TYK_INSTRUMENTATION is set to any value and TYK_GW_STATSDCONNECTIONSTRING is set). Users can now optionally set TYK_GW_STATSDPREFIX to a value to enable a prefix.

Please upgrade your Tyk instance at your earliest convenience and alert the Support Desk if you have any queries.

Many thanks,

Jess @ Tyk

Could you guys add what version of Go the dashboard, gateway, etc have been compiled with?

Hi Nicholas,

This probably deserves its own ticket. In any case, we compile with Go 1.7 (the latest stable version) but support versions 1.6 or later.

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,
Jess @ Tyk