NEW Helm Chart for Tyk Self-managed

Hello Tyk community! :wave:

A stable version of Tyk Stack, Tyk Dashboard, Tyk Developer Portal, and bootstrapping helm chart is available now :partying_face:

Installation instructions can be found at Tyk Docs. The tyk-stack chart will deploy Tyk Gateway v5.2.3, Tyk Dashboard v5.2.3, and Tyk Portal v1.8.0. Users can use the image.tag field to choose the preferred version.

:information_source: Breaking Changes:

  • For improved security, the default service type for the Gateway, Dashboard, Developer Portal, and Pump was changed from NodePort to ClusterIP. You can set up external access to a service using whatever technique you’d like, such as establishing Ingress, LoadBalancer, or changing the service type to NodePort.
  • global.components.dashboard was removed because it was misleading. We have modified Gateway to use a new flag gateway.useDashboardAppConfig to indicate gateway will connect to Dashboard for app configurations.

:star2: Additional Highlights :

  • Gateway OpenTelemetry configurations are now supported.
  • Improved process of bootstrapping. If there is already an organisation in place in the database, the bootstrapping job can still exit successfully. It is helpful for new deployments with existing database.
  • Support for separate Gateway and Developer Portal deployment with Dashboard. This feature allows user to deploy the Developer Portal and Gateway in a different namespace.
  • Enabled named cluster support by removing .cluster.local from service URLs.
  • Added Ingress setup to the classic portal and dashboard.
  • Updated liveness and readiness probe for the Developer Portal


Installation/Upgrade instructions


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