Need procedure to set up end-to-end API gateway solution

Hi all, I am a beginner to this API Gateway concept. And I need some help/support from experts like you.
I am supposed to setup an API gateway solution.
I have downloaded the tyk source code from github and built it.
I need a detailed information or procedure explaining how to write client program, implement the back end, write configuration script and verify that everything works properly.
I am not finding any sample program or procedure regarding this on the web.
Hence requesting all of you to provide me this information.

Nagaraj Trivedi

Hi @NagarajTrivedi, Tyk sits in between the client and the backend providing benefits such as

  • managing and monitoring health of APIs,
  • insights into utilization of APIs,
  • access control and authentication,
  • configuring throttling, rate limits and quotas
  • developer portal etc.

Providing detailed information to write a client program and implement a backend is out of scope. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube, Udemy and Pluralsight (just to name a few) that could help you on your journey in implementing what you desire.

However, if you want to evaluate Tyk, you can follow our getting started guide which uses as a demo.

Hi Olu, thanks for the information provided.
I will definitely try it out what you have suggested.

Nagaraj Trivedi

Hi Nagaraj,
Just to add to my colleague’s great suggestion, might be easier for you to try our tyk-demo repo which had many examples integrated into it. it’s using as the backend so you dont need to write the backend and also offers postman collection to be used as the client. From postman you can generate code snippet in the languages of your choice and use it in the client that you plan to write.

Hope this helps :open_hands:

Hi Yaara, thanks for the timely response.
Sure, I will try out what you have suggested.

Nagaraj Trivedi

Hi Yaara, as per your suggestion I have been trying to install tyk-demo
So far installed the dependencies docker and jq
After that as per the section step 3: Add Docker Environment Variables
It says to assign LICENCE value to the the environment variable DASHBOARD_LICENCE=<YOUR_LICENCE>
Let me what value I need to assign in place of <YOUR_LICENCE>


Hi Nagaraj

If you signup with this form you will be sent a 14-day licence key which you can paste into the dashboard

Dashboard License is the license for Tyk Pro that enables you to run the closed-source, paid product.
Otherwise - feel free to continue using the Open source headless Tyk gateway.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.

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Sure Andrew, I will try this out