Need dockerize a tyk grpc plugin

I am trying to dockerize the grpc plugin mentioned in below URL

Can you help me to provide me the steps to do this

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@Arijit_Chakraborty unfortunately we don’t provide how-to for security and liability reasons.

I will point you in a direction though - The gRPC server running here is simply a Java server. You just need to create a Java Docker image with the server files hosted on it, and then expose the port when you run the Docker container. Then you connect to it normally.

Java Tomcat - JVM which will run your gRPC server.

Thanks for your reply.

Actually it is gradle project and I am not able to run using docker file.
Dockerfile content
FROM nginx
COPY nginx /usr/share/nginx/html

Then i am running below command
docker build -t nginx

And docker image is not building. Can you please help me on this