Need clarification about endpoint to create an API

Hi all, I am referring the tyk document as to how to create an API with open source.

It says that
"To create the API, lets send a definition to the apis endpoint, which will return the status and version of your Gateway. Change the x-tyk-authorization value and curl domain name and port to be the correct values for your environment."

Let me know first how to create an endpoint

The link for the document is
In that page it is regarding the step 2; Create an API

I have also downloaded the API gateway source code and created the binary.

Let me know in what sequence I need to run the commands to accomplish starting the redis server, creation of the end point and the new API
Request you to please clarify my doubts.


Hi @NagarajTrivedi, if you followed the installation guide on the previous section, you would notice multiple ways of installing the Tyk gateway.

I assume you want to build everything from scratch, however, redis is a different tool which the gateway utilities for storage. If you want to setup a redis server, then you can follow the redis getting started page.

OK Olu, I will try it out.