Multiple grpc go plugins

Is it possible for the tyk gw to interact with multiple grpc go plugins?
The configuration for the grpc server is set in the tyk.conf at coprocess_grpc_server so I don’t see how multiple grpc go plugins can be added.
If not then what is correct architecture for tyk to interact with multiple microservices and act on behalf.

You can use same gRPC server to serve multiple middlewares.
Dispatch method has a switch that can be configured to handle multiple methods/middlewares

Reference: tyk-grpc-go-mongo-accesstoken/main.go at 4ef8a68803b5252401ff1e3a3620b820619393d2 · armujahid/tyk-grpc-go-mongo-accesstoken · GitHub

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Thanks for response.
We want multiple microservices where tyk can communicate with them via grpc.
Any way it can be accompilshed?

You can use tyk as a gateway/proxy to your gRPC microservices