More clarity on TYK licence for my use case

We are setting up TYK gateway. The main intention is to go build a marketplace for APIs and providers. We are working with few financial institutions for providing the service. We are planning to go ahead with Open source version of TYK and a dashboard licence if it makes sense for us to go ahead with dashboard licence or build our own dashboard with TYK APIs (Which is free I guess). I have few questions

  1. If I am going ahead with TYK CE and purchase a dashboard licence, is there limitation of number of developers and API requests in that licence or is it unlimited and is the licence for using dashboard one time ?
  2. If I am building my own dashboard (CE + Building a dashboard in angular using tyk dashboard apis) without a license , is there a limitation of number of developers and API requests or is it unlimited?

Please let me know on the above clarification. Also where can I get this license keys from ? I didnt find details on how to buy license anywhere. I tried contacting through contact form but no one has reached out to us. Please answer my above query .


For licensing questions you will be better off getting help from our team directly by emailing us directly. Our account team will be happy to help :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I got reply from Irvin. Will take it forward.

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