Mongo DB Permissions

Can you clarify what permissions Tyk needs for Mongo?

I had setup a user called tyk_analytics with the role [email protected]_analytics however we were getting permission errors.

Temporarily I have added [email protected] which has allowed us to progress however this is clearly not desirable from a security perspective,



Hi Carl,

could you specify what errors you get and where did you find them ? Was it on the Tyk Logs?
Based on that we would be able make a suggestion as it seems to be a more general question.

Kos @ Tyk Support Team

Seems I have worked this out. We are newbies on Mongo so unfamiliar with the roles needed.

I removed the [email protected] role and we got lots of errors such as “not authorised for querying” etc in the tyk-dashboard log.

Looking at the Mongo docs I had granted the dbadmin role however that is only for administration activities.

I have now changed this to dbowner and it appears to be working.

It would be useful to have a recommendation for what role is actually needed and for this to be in the documentation somewhere rather then us having to guess.

Any chance of an answer to this?

Hi Carl,

you should use dbOwner as a role on the DB that Tyk is using , not the admin DB.

Use this command.

Kos @ Tyk Support Team