Migrate from tyk 1.7 to latest version


We are planning to migrate/upgrade tyk version 1.7 to the latest version. Is there any documents or reference sites are available for migrating. Can you please guide us for migration process.


What components do you have for the upgrade?

  • Gateway
  • Dashboard
  • Pump

You can checkout our Migrating to 3.2 guide

Our Release Notes can also assist in migration or upgrade to a particular version

You might have to check the compatibility of your //tyk.io/docs/planning-for-production/database-settings/ version.

It is recommended to at least backup your current setup and create a test case on the new version with your current data before upgrade.

Hi Olu,

Thanks for reply.
Planning to upgrade all the components. Can you please provide us up-gradation process steps, we didn’t find any steps or document on up-gradation.



Upgrade steps are dependant on which operating system used and how the current versions are installed. Can you give details of these please? For example are you using docker images or do you have machines dedicated to a single task?

Also please consider using the long term support release, currently at version 3.0.7 rather than 3.1 or 3.2 unless you need some features that are only available in them.


Thank you for your reply.

My current setup is on Linux machine and I have taken the backup of the current setup.
What prerequisites I need to see in my current setup to do the upgradation in version 3.2.0. What will be the commands and steps i need to follow?
Can you please guide me which step I need to take for further process.



The upgrade steps are dependent on which linux OS you are using. The commands for debian based systems like ubuntu and others are completely different from RPM based systems like Redhat enterprise, centos and fedora.

It is also strongly advisable to test your process on a non-critical system before attempting it on a critical one.