Manager policies through REST API

Hi, I was reading the documentation about the Gateway REST API, and it says that is possible to manage and list policies, but the documentation doesn’t list which are the endpoints for the policies management.

I tried to take a peek into the Tyk Gateway source code in order to find the controllers but couldn’t find as well.

Any help with that?



As far as I know, the policies can’t be managed by calling the Gateway.
You either need to provide a json file when the Gateway start (if “policy_source”: “file” in tyk.conf)
Or define the policies with the dashboard (if “policy_source: service”)

Have a great day !

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Yeah, taking a peek into the Tyk gateway I noticed that there are any endpoints for managing policies.

As using the dashboard is not free, I make a pull request to add policies listing and management capabilities to the Tyk Rest API.

Hope they approve it

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Updating this thread with a link to our documentation as this is now possible.