Localhost:8080/tyk/keys/create: unsupported protocol scheme


i see i got an error and no one posted it yet.
It’s my first tyk on premise installation, i’m following the tuto from
https:// Tyk API Gateway Documentation

when creating my first API key, i got this error. :
level=error msg=“Failed to create key: Post localhost:8080/tyk/keys/create: unsupported protocol scheme "localhost"”

Somewhere in the configuration, i must have forgot the “https://”

If someone already knows where to look, that could help me.
I’ll post the answer once (if) i found the solution


found it !
in tyk_analytics.conf

i changed

“tyk_api_config”: {
“Host”: “localhost”,
“Port”: “8080”,
“Secret”: “XXXXX”


“tyk_api_config”: {
“Host”: “https://localhost”,
“Port”: “8080”,
“Secret”: “XXXXX”

maybe it was a mistake from me on the installation,
carefull replace https by http if you didn’t enable the https

service tyk-dashboard restart

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Glad you got it sorted, you solved it very quickly :wink: