Load balancing Tyk Gateway

Assuming we have multiple datacentres around the world, with multiple gateways.

Does the gateway themselves support built-in load balancing?

Or would it be conventional to put a loader balancer such as haproxy or nginx infront of the gateways?

Also, does the analytics have the ability to show which gateway handled the request? For example if there are 10 gateways deployed, we would like to know the percentage of the traffic specific gateway has handled?

There is a built-in round-robin load balancer, but it is for load balancing to microservice containers, or something in-system, not to load balance across DC’s

Yes, this is what most people do, you would have your load balancers sit in front of the gateways so you can scale them according to load

It is possible to segment gateways using tags, if the gateways are segmented in this way (API definitions must also be tagged in order to be loaded by these gateways), then those tags are added to the analytics records and the analytics can then be segmented by tag in the dashboard using the filter text-box entry above the graph.