Load Balance across Data Centres with Health check on different URLs

Dear Tyk community,
We are live in PROD with Tyk and we have a peculiar requirement from a customer.
They have a cluster of 2 data centres( DC) where each DC has 2 server instances say Server1DC1, Server2DC1, Server3DC12 and Server4DC2.

Each data centre has 2 Data streaming DS, lets call them DS1DC1, DS2DC1, DS3DC2 and DS4DC2

Now, they want to actually Load balance between the two Data centres with the following criteria

'We want to find a Data centre where BOTH the Data Streaming servers are running (yes both). We then want to load balance across that data centres Server instances.

I understand that we can have a API def with load balancing enabled and naming the servers, but their Uptime Tests tab needs to point to these servers.

That won’t work in the above scenario.

My new idea is to create 3 TYK APIs, with a parent API that actually load balances across the other two TYK APIs. Each of the 2 TYK API’s is connected to a Data centre. And in order to test if both the data stream servers are running, my plan is to write a Go plugin to ping the servers in turn and if they are both not working send a signal back.

Will that work or any good ideas to fix this please?

Hi @doyyan,

I have checked this with the team and they have confirmed that your idea will work. Cheers!