License and local testing of multiple gateways

It seems like the free license only allows for 1 gateway to be used, and if we need more than gateways, this would require a license.

I am wondering if there is any way to demo tyk with multiple gateway configurations without having to pay for a license?

We want to see how tyk scales the gateway, handling load, failover and MDCB component.

The current situation we want to test is 1 redis cluster, (master-slave) driven multiple gateway controlled by a single dashboard.

Hi Bill

The gateways can be used headless at any scale, they are open source, under the Mozilla licence and are not restricted in anyway.

However, it sounds like you wish to use the dashboard, portal, MDCB, etc, which are proprietary software and a licence is required (it’s how Tyk pays the bills for the software and support!)

If you would like to demo the architecture you just described, you just need to talk with one of the Tyk account team, they can discuss your requirements, provide a screen-share and quotation and then a short trial licence if you also want to try it out on your own hardware.

If this is of interest, then please send over your contact details to me at James @ and I’ll get one of the team to follow up.


James @

Just as I figured! (And catch 22 eh? want to buy but need to try) I will get my PM’s approval and talk to the account rep for a trial license.