Key Request Object Documentation Amendment

Hi All,

In the advanced management API, when creating a key, the documentation here: doesn’t mention the meta_data field

If you create a key without this field, the API sets the field to null, and as long as you only use the API to interact with the key this is fine.

If you then try and update this key in the dashboard UI, it complains because it expects an object in this field, and null doesn’t pass its validation.

For now, I’ve made our API calls embed an empty object when creating a key so the dashboard can handle it better

I guess this could go either way based on what you think, but you could either update the validation on the API to expect an empty object, or update the validation on the dashboard to allow null?


Note: We’re still on Tyk 1.8 so apologies if this has been raised (or even fixed!) already

Hi Peter,

I think this has been addressed in 1.9, the dashboard API now handles this field if it hasn’t been set by an API call.


Ok brilliant, will make a note that this can be removed when we upgrade