JWT Authentication usage with TYK

HI, I am new to TYK. started exploring more on it. I am more interested to know

(1) How tyk acts as inbuilt Identity provider and generate tokens.
(2) Can we have a way to access generated JWT token as rest api from TYK?
(3) How do we pass JWT token to validate in TYK


Hi Mahesh

Tyk is not a server for generating JWT but can use JWT generated by 3rd party IDP in openID connect or aouth2 flows.

Docs are here:




To add on above.

At the moment Tyk do not act as IDP, but can integrate with any external IDP like Okta, Ping, or Auth0. So you can generate JWT using one of those providers, or for example generate JWT using any library of your choice, and configure Tyk to read and validate this JWT tokens. In order for Tyk to validate JWT token, you should whitelist public key/keys, which you used to generate tokens.