Is there any way to disable the onboarding popups?

Every time I use a new browser and/or delete cookies I seem to get the same onboarding popups. Clicking [x] dismisses them for the session but I will get them next time unless I go through the entire flow. They are a useful introduction for your very first time, but very annoying after a while. Is there a flag I can put into the dashboard config to disable onboarding completely?

Unfortunately not, they are removed using a cookie, so if the cookie is not present in the browser, then the popup will show. We’ll be looking at making this a bit beter in the next release as it seems to be frustrating a lot of users.


Can we now disable it in Tyk 2.3 ?

Yes, in your tyk_analytics.conf:

"ui": {
        "hide_help": true
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Thank god!
This thing was really innoying me as soon as I was showing the platform on a different machine.