Is there a way to log the query parameters in Tyk Pump?


It seems to me that when using the stdout pump there’s no way to get the query parameters displayed.

I’ve tried enabling the detailed analytics but that only adds raw_request which includes it indirectly (encoded in the payload). Is there some way to expose it directly there?

I saw some mention of this in Tyk pump - request_uri_full without query parameters but no concrete answer. Is this only missing in the stdout pump or is it not available at all.

When I was trying to inspect the redis payload it didn’t seem that it was in there at all, so maybe it’s missing from the gateway side rather than the individual pumps.

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Is there some way to expose it directly there?

Yes, @Page mentions it here. Please note the version. You do need to ensure you specify it on the pump type level e.g.

Config settings

"stdout": {
    "type": "stdout",
    "raw_request_decoded": true,
    "raw_response_decoded": true,
    "meta": {
      "log_field_name": "tyk-analytics-record",
      "format": "text"

Environment settings


The analytics records are ephemeral in nature, hence the role of pump. You should see it as long as the it hasn’t been purged or disabled by the gateway.