Is it possible to setup a common oauth2 client-credential endpoint to different APIs?


I have a question about the Oauth2.0 client credential flow in Tyk.

For a noraml Oauth2.0 client credential flow in Tyk, we will create the API (like API-a), and set the authentication mode to oauth2.0, and put in the redirect URL.

Before we call this API-a, we will call /api-a/oauth/token to get the access token.

But let’s say I have 5 or 10 APIs which will be protected by this Oauth2.0 client credential flow. Does it mean I have to call different endpoint for each of these API?
Like /API-b/oath/token, /API-c/oauth/token, /API-d/oath/token?

Is it possible to us a common endpoint for all these API when we want to get the access token?


Maan Tarng

Hi @maantarng,

Please see here: OAuth 2.0

@Ubong Thanks for your help and information.