Is it possible to integrate Keycloak with Tyk open source?

I need to integrate tyk gateway open source with Keycloak but I can’t figure out the way to do that without the dashboard and developer portal


Yes, it’s possible. You’d need to use tyk identity broker for that :slight_smile:

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Can you clarify your use case here?

If you are planning OpenID integration, or just JWT based integration, no identity broker really needed here. But if you want smth more complex like LDAP or SAML, it can be needed.

Hi leon
I am having the similar use case. I want to integrate open source tyk with keycloak. I just want my API’s to be secured with keycloak openid-connect JWT token. Whenever I hit API with token, the token’s signature should be verified else 401 error should be thrown.

I tried to do so, but I failed to secure my API’s with token. They are working without token as well. Can you please guide me through steps or to some tutorial?


Please take a look if it’s useful to you Getting started to Tyk API Gateway with Keycloak | by Santosh Shinde | Feb, 2022 | Medium